Stylin’ in New Orleans

From music, to hip drinks, to art galleries, and eccentric photography…New Orleans is by far one of the best cities I’ve been to in North America. I️ planned this trip last minute with one of my sisters and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you make a trip out to the magical city, be sure to try the hand grenade mixed drink anywhere on Bourbon Street! (Not even the bartenders know what’s in that delightful drink 😝).

I️ picked this sweater up in New Orleans (actually) from H&M at of course an affordable price. The skirt is from Forever21, and I️ just love the 90s feel to it. One could’ve worn this outfit with mesh tights (or patterned tights, which I️ see is slowly making a comeback), but I️ decided to wear some simple, black calf-length socks with the “leather” boots I️ also picked up from Forever21. The jacket is from Zara, clutch from Nine West.

The weather was windy the day I️ took these photos (hence my “hedgehog” looking ‘fro lol). I️ wanna do a perfect twist out one day and capture my natural hair at its best, but I️ still love how the photographer of these photos captured it at its (almost) worst. Stay tuned for another post once he sends me more photos he took of my sister and I️ before this one. Thanks for reading…and let me know if you make it out to New Orleans!

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