My Review on The Movie “Us”

The rabbits depicted in this film represent intense multiplication of the insecurities, flaws, and darkness of humans.

It’s pretty easy to escape others, wouldn’t you say? If we fight with a co-worker or family member, we can cut them off and never speak to them again. Even if we don’t want to do that, we have that power.

The same cannot be said when we struggle with ourselves.

I believe our struggle with self is constant throughout life. It comes in waves, and in my now 28 years of life, I believe our ultimate goal in life should be to reduce the waves as best as we can, and grab the remaining waves by the horns. In simpler terms, we will never be perfect and we will always struggle with certain parts of ourselves; but life is about accepting ourselves and all of our flaws. I think the “attack” against the people in the film occurred because the “humane” people tried way too desperately to suppress their darker selves as they never came to terms with their own darkness.

Our insecurities, flaws, and worst habits show up on our doorsteps or in front of our vacation-owned beach houses unannounced (that is if you own one, but biggups to Jordan for depicting a wealthy and educated black family). It’s crazy how when we are finally confronted with the worst part of ourselves, we are utterly shocked. “That can’t be me. Is that me?”


Even though one of the children in the movie muttered “it’s us” when the family saw the identical family standing creepily in front of their beach house, there’s still this “us verses them” concept that needs to be addressed. If there is an “us” then surely there is a “them,” and them in this case refers to the darker sides of ourselves.

All of this brings me to a concept known as othering, which means to view a person or group of people as alien to oneself. This was definitely going on in this movie, especially towards the end when the news reported the attack as coming from a strange group of people. I believe this othering occurred because they did not want to be associated with such dark, immoral behavior. It’s understandable. I mean, this dark group of people did not come in peace, they came to kill; but in my opinion, they really just came to reclaim.


They came to reclaim their lives, and if that meant killing their more “humane” sides, then so be it because let’s face it: no one wants to live in whatever special Hell they were living in [feeding off only rabbits].

I believe this movie also illustrates the age-old “Good vs. Evil” scenario. It is my opinion that the “normal” Wilson Family on vacation were supposed to be the “good” family, and the “evil” family with the scissors were clearly meant to be seen as evil. I believe we as people were not meant to holistically good or evil. Our flaws and insecurities are very much alive in us. They are living, breathing forces of murkiness that which we try to pacify, reduce, hide, or ignore. It is not until we are forcefully faced with them that they take over our happily married or fantastically educated lives.

 The reason why I chose to put “humane” in quotations is because I believe the “demonic” group of people were human too. Dark people are human too, which is why I loved when the darker side of Adelaide said, “We are Americans.” They were just a bunch Americans trying to escape a life of darkness because after all, Adelaide’s darker side was the one that pulled her into the dark side, wasn’t she? No one wanted to be there, because no one wants to be dark.

I feel that humans in general attempt to do what they feel is right. They suppress gut instincts trying to accomplish what society says is normal, and that is what the “normal” Wilson Family has done. I also believe the “evil” Wilson Family was attempting to accomplish what they felt was right in their world of darkness. But in my world, life calls for a balance–a balance between good and evil, and that is what I feel is this film’s motive.


Side note: some people have tried to make this film political. I believe that Jordan Peele packs his films with just enough symbols so as to spark controversial conversation (so you can sort of make it what you want). For example, I’ve heard a claim saying that there had to be some kind of political agenda behind the fact that the demonic group of people wore red, and that the red had to represent the Republican Party. I respect all outlooks, however, I believe they wore red simply because Hell and anything “devilish” is always depicted in red.

To speak on why they carried large scissors though, I believe there was a strong desire on the demonic forces’ end to surgically cut the “humane” version of themselves out of their lives. Basically, since the demonic forces and the “humane” forces were one in the same, much like cutting off a finger or a leg that is essentially a part of you, I believe they wanted to physically cut off that part of themselves away so they can live good lives because again, no one wants to live in darkness. In the end, we see Adelaide cut off her “other self” by stabbing her other self.

She smiles at her son in the end scene because during the scene when he leads his “other self” into the fire, he recognizes what’s going on. I strongly believe he understood most of the big picture conceptually. He seemed to be the same age as his mother when she met her “other self,” except he wasn’t captured right away, he actually faced his. He entertained his desire for magic and fire, and he saw the potential damages that could arise once his “other self” raised his mask in that closet. I feel he understood way more than his sister Zora, because all Zora did was run from her problems. The father never faced his dark side because unfortunately, he was portrayed as mostly powerless (I won’t use the other p-word that my date to the movie kept calling). But like I was saying, Adelaide smiles at her son because she knows he understands what’s going on. After all, she’s the one who told him to run along with him as she was handcuffed to the table. She’s handcuffed because she never faced it. She escaped her dark side and tried to live as amicably and as normally as possible.

The demonic forces joined hands just like Americans did in 1986 for “Hands Across America” in order to raise awareness about the poverty and hunger occurring in America during that time. It’s a no-brainer what kind of awareness the dark forces were attempting to raise: their sad struggle of being locked into their own special Hell that which they so desperately wanted to escape. And the humans KNEW that this was a problem, just like we know everyday we have issues internal to us. But we ignore it, just like we might ignore the guy standing by the highway with a “Please Help” sign. Poverty…being a slave to darkness…one in the same.

The Bible verse, Jeremiah 11:11 (that continuously comes up in the movie) tells us that God will bring us a disaster so great that we would not be able to escape it, and he won’t help us even if we cried out to him. I can’t think of a worst disaster than an internal struggle with one’s self. Until we face our true, [dark] selves and accept ourselves for who we really are, there will be no cure for any sort of anxiety or pain we experience concerning our true selves.

(Another side note: back to the black man’s powerlessness, though. Let’s address that.


 “You don’t get to make the decisions anymore.” says Adelaide said to her husband.

Even though we are double minorities in America, black women were still forced into several roles during slavery. We were forced as lovers to the white man, to breastfeed their children, cook, sing, do hair, and still pick cotton. Therefore it comes to no surprise that Jordan Peele chose a black woman as the leading role in this film. This is all I have to say on it. What are your thoughts? Leave comments below.)

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I’m gonna bring animal print back

Remember in like the early 2000s animal prints were everything? Well #SimmiShoes has gotten me in love with animal print all over again. My goal with this fashion blog has always been to stay away from trends (as the leading caption says above). I love this look brought to you by #ASOS and

Photo by @baeeken on Instagram.

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El Paso Sounds

I’m really enjoying El Paso. Between its Mexican culture and growing urban persona, I’m having a great time. I couldn’t have asked for a (second) better duty station (my first being the lovely Fort Carson, Colorado).

My favorite part of El Paso is finding other people who love the arts as much as I do. The talented photographer who took this photo has blessed me with so many of his creative and attention-to-detail ideas (his Instagram is @baeken). Besides trying to “model”, if you really know me, you also know I love to sing. I did my first open mic last Friday (20 OCT 2018) and now I’m like, on the hunt for more open mic opportunities. I even posted an ad looking for musicians in the El Paso/Las Cruces, New Mexico area. (Stay tuned for some sounds 🤓.)

Okay let’s get to the look. This entire look is brought to you by my all time favorite online UK stores: ASOS (top and bottom) and PrettyLittleThing (belt). I’m really into a 70s look. I love everything about 70s style of dress, music, and culture. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Stylin’ in New Orleans

From music, to hip drinks, to art galleries, and eccentric photography…New Orleans is by far one of the best cities I’ve been to in North America. I️ planned this trip last minute with one of my sisters and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you make a trip out to the magical city, be sure to try the hand grenade mixed drink anywhere on Bourbon Street! (Not even the bartenders know what’s in that delightful drink 😝).

I️ picked this sweater up in New Orleans (actually) from H&M at of course an affordable price. The skirt is from Forever21, and I️ just love the 90s feel to it. One could’ve worn this outfit with mesh tights (or patterned tights, which I️ see is slowly making a comeback), but I️ decided to wear some simple, black calf-length socks with the “leather” boots I️ also picked up from Forever21. The jacket is from Zara, clutch from Nine West.

The weather was windy the day I️ took these photos (hence my “hedgehog” looking ‘fro lol). I️ wanna do a perfect twist out one day and capture my natural hair at its best, but I️ still love how the photographer of these photos captured it at its (almost) worst. Stay tuned for another post once he sends me more photos he took of my sister and I️ before this one. Thanks for reading…and let me know if you make it out to New Orleans!

Spring Colors in October

It’s easy to sport beautiful spring colors in South Florida! Upon visiting my mom, siblings, and niece in Coconut Creek, FL, I decided to pair a raspberry pencil dress (I bought from ASOS of course) with these beautiful yellow heels from Public Desire to wear to Church. One of the things I love about this outfit is the pretty frill look to both the dress and shoes. ASOS carries the prettiest and affordable church dresses, and Public Desire always has the funkiest affordable shoes. Check those stores out now if you’re already not familiar!

One more thing. As many of you who follow my fashion looks already know (or may have noticed), I don’t accessorize too often and I’m not big into handbags. I do plan on accessorizing someday…maybe you can help me out! Send me your accessory ideas for this outfit via Instagram DM! My instagram is @rebekahestime 🙂 I hope you liked this look!

Fireworks in Dallas

My roommate and I made a last minute decision to travel to Dallas for the Fourth of July…and I’m glad we did. What a beautiful city filled with history, culture, and diversity!

For our first real day in Dallas, I chose to wear a beautiful, flowy, summery/spring-filled skirt (pictured) that has such vibrant, poppy, colors. And I’m a sucker for nude because it compliments my complexion so well. The top is actually a bodysuit and fits pretty well. Clutch from Aldo I bought awhile ago, and the sandals are from Aldo as well. (I’m so mad. I had the perfect heels I picked up from Public Desire but I forgot to pack them.)

Although I like to wear a dark lip, I chose to match my lip color with that of my outfit by wearing a combination of a soft nude from MAC and a color called “Toast of New York” from Revlon.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my outfit! As always, reach out to me for style tips and fashion ideas.

Target meets NY & Company

I had to welcome Easter with all the traditional colors Spring has to offer. This wonderful shawl/cover-up is from Target and most definitely cost under $20. The jumpsuit is from NY & Company. What I love about NY & Company is how chic and generous the store is with its sales! This jumpsuit was featured on Gabrielle Union (I’m pretty sure…as she is a regular sponsor for NY & Company).

Shoes are from Aldo. Sorry this post seems rushed. I just wanted to make sure I got the details up before the day ended as promised. Oh! Almost forgot to mention the “almost-versatile” neck-tie feature of the jumpsuit. I loved taking pics of the different options. If you buy this jumpsuit…send me your photo!

Style on a Budget

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoy my fashion blog, I hope you find it to be unique, and I hope that more than anything you are able to adopt some of the fashion advice and style tips that I plan to give. (This is my first post so bear with me lol.)

This entire outfit is from Target. If you’re sleeping on Target as far as clothing is concerned (or you are perhaps embarrassed to buy clothing from there), think again! I mean, if you like this ‘fit I threw together, then you should take a peak at the clothing section at your nearest Target :).

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for more fashion photos as I get this blog set up (IG: @rebekahestime).

Stay tuned…